Turntables up to 10.000 Te

SCA is unique in the construction of demountable modular turntables up to 10,000 tons. Design is ongoing to increase to 20,000 tons. Building modular means less production time. SCA supply chain allows for building turntables in less than 10 weeks.

The carousels can be entirely disassembled and transported in 40-ft open-top containers by container liners or trucks. This means that no expensive transport vessels are required to mobilize or demobilize the turntable to the Client preferred quay side or other location.

In addition to new build SCA has turntables available for rent in various sizes meeting specific project requirements. Flexible arrangements are offered by SCA including lease/purchase options.

SCA turntables can easily be adjusted in different sizes and tonnages since all parts are interchangeable, which allows SCA to work in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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